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Romance of the Three Kingdoms: Dynasty Warriors 4 Warriors Gallery (site under construction)


Unaligned Heroes

These warriors may not have been aligned with Wu, Wei or Shu, but they are still heroes of the Three Kingdoms. The mighty Lu Bu, the tyrant Dong Zhuo, the sect leader Zhang Jiao. All have their place in history.



Diao Chan
A Young Songstress Unequalled In Beauty As Well As Song And Dance...

Dong Zhuo
Amidst Chaos, He Enters The Capital And Takes Control Of The Government

Though the Allied Forces defeated the Yellow Turbans, the Han Dynasty had already lost all of it's power. During the times of instability, Dong Zhuo entered the capital of Luoyang and took control of the government. The Han forces, led by newly appointed Grand Commander Yuan Shao, attacked Dong Zhuo, and won many victories.

The Allied Forces consisted of many great officers, including Liu Bei, Cao Cao, Sun Jian and Gongsun Zan. On Dong Zhuo's side, the skilled general Hua Xiong, the powerful Zhang Liao, the young Diao Chan, and, the strongest warrior of the Three Kingdoms era, Lu Bu.

The Allied Forces enjoyed much victory against Dong Zhuo, who fled after his defeat. However, he was later assassinated, slain by his adopted son Lu Bu....

Zhang Jiao
Leader Of The Yellow Turban Rebellion

In 184AD, Zhang Jiao, leader of the religious sect The Way of Peace, commanded the Yellow Turban Rebellion, an uprising against the Han Dynasty. He was accompanied by his brothers Zhang Liang and Zhang Bao, and many other generals. Zhang Liang and Zhang Bao used their 'sorcery' to perform amazing feats, but despite their best efforts, were defeated.

However, this grand battle against the Han paved the way for the chaos in which Dong Zhuo took control of the government. After the Rebellion, the Han Dynasty lost all of it's power.

Yuan Shao
A Valiant Warrior, Led The War Against Dong Zhuo

Yuan Shao was the leader of the prestigous Yuan family. He was elected as Grand Commander during the attack on Dong Zhuo. It was also because of his son, Yuan Shu, that Sun Jian's food supplies dwindled during the battle of Si Shui Gate. Yuan Shao was an excellent general, proving his worth many times against the tyrant's armies. This also made him a threat to Cao Cao....

After Dong Zhuo's reign was extinguished, Yuan Shao fought against Cao Cao for control of the central plains. However, with Guan Yu on Cao Cao's side, Yuan Shao stood no chance.

Meng Huo
The Powerful King of Nanman

Zhu Rong
Meng Huo's Wife, Descended From The Legendary God of Fire