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Romance of the Three Kingdoms: Dynasty Warriors 4 Warriors Gallery (site under construction)


Wu Kingdom

The Kingdom of Wu, led by the noble Sun Jian, and his children Sun Shang Xiang, Sun Ce and Sun Quan. The Wu kingdom was at war with Cao Cao's Wei Kingdom.

Sun Jian

Noble Leader of Wu

The Wu Kingdom was the only kingdom to have some form of peace with another of the Three Kingdoms.
That kingdom was Liu Bei's Shu Kingdom, who allied with Wu against Wei. In fact, Sun Shang Xiang later became Liu Bei's wife. However, Wu and Shu later went to war when an attack on Cao Cao by Liu Bei left the Jing Province open to attack, and Lu Xun and Lu Meng of Wu retook the province killing Guan Yu in the process.

Wu was effectively drawn to war supposedly by a rumor from Zhuge Liang that Cao Cao was after the Qiao sisters. Upon hearing this, Zhou Yu proposed an attack on Wei to Sun Quan. This drew Wu into the Battle of Chi Bi.

Wu enjoyed much success in battle, and they gathered many talented officers such as the powerful Taishi Ci, former pirate Zhou Tai and the excellent strategist Lu Xun.